Apple Just Got Rid of Their Most Infuriating iOS 10 Feature

Apple has numerous advantages and at the same time it also has major complaints in it on how it manages to include many apps that cannot be removed. You can find various fun apps like Angry birds, Fatbooth and others which you can download to your phone. As it is an interesting apps, you are not ready to delete any one of your beloved apps to make space for any other application. The situation arises where you want to remove those poor-quality apps which comes in all iPhones and cannot be erased.

Now the Apple has revealed that with the iOS 10, Apple users can make a free space to store more fun apps. You can find some applications which cannot be removed from iPhone. Those apps include Weather, Stocks, Watch app, iBooks and Tips. You can pull these apps into a folder and make free space on home screen.

Well, it is possible to remove Contacts app from an iPhone. But on removing Contacts you won’t lose any of your contact information but can still find all those details in the Phone app. News app can be removed in a later version of iOS 10 beta.

On having iOS 10 beta then some of the apps which can be removed from Home screen are as follows: Calculator, Calendar, Compass, Contacts, FaceTime, Find My Friends, Home, iBooks, iCloud Drive, iTunes Store, Mail, Maps, Reminders, News, Notes, Podcasts, Videos, Stocks, Tips, Music, Voice Memos, Watch app, and Weather.

One easiest way to get free space on Apple iPhone is by deleting useless apps. When you are not using any applications or those apps are really not needed then it’s better to delete those apps. If you are in need of any apps on sometime then you can re-download them through iCloud. Read this page to get more details about Apple has removed its most annoying feature from iOS 10.

Some of important tips for making free space on your iPhone:

  • Deletion of unnecessary video files and books

On iPhone go into Videos application and tap “Edit” option which is in the right hand corner, you get little X next to every videos in the app. Tap that file to delete videos which are not needed. Follow the same procedure for iBooks. Most of the eBooks occupies the storage space which is more than 1MB on iPhone. Therefore delete iBooks from iPhone and get a free space.

  • Erasing old iMessages

You can get lost of free spaces on iPhone if you delete some of your old iMessages. Normally it occupies a storage space ranging from 512MB to 397MB.It is not necessary to delete whole iMessage conversation but only a few of them which are not really not required.

  • Never join any other people’s Photo Streams:

Creating and sharing photo streams with other people is one of the good method to share images of events which you might attend with any of your friends or relatives. But it is suggested to be sure that if you join some others photo stream then it might quickly fill up the space on your iPhone.

  • Keep backup photos to Dropbox:

Photo Stream not only helps to back up the photos which you capture on your iPhone instantly but also you can use Camera upload feature in Dropbox to store images copied directly from iPhone to Dropbox.


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