Repair PST File without Scanspst.exe

Outlook PST file and their issues are not unknown. It is the common factor that every user might come across some corruption issues with their PST file. Most of them store all the important files in Outlook application and owing to their large size, they often become prone to corruption. Microsoft also aware of this issue and for the same reasons they have devised in-built PST file repair solution known as Scanspt. This Scanpst.exe is inbuilt PST repair software from Microsoft. It completely scans your Outlook PST file to find out your issues and efficiently works towards fixing them. This application is recommended for use in the situations when your PST faces some errors like failure to send/receive emails, Outlook crashes, perform export/import, etc.

Unfortunately, Scanpst.exe program itself runs into the problems and will be unable to execute PST repair process. Therefore what will you do in such type of situation if Scanpst.exe fails to work when you most need it to fix PST file. How to repair PST file without Scanspst will be most difficult question to be answered. You can find numerous applications available in the market that assures you to repair file without Scanpst. But it is very mush necessary to select only a reliable third party tool that supports to fix PST file without Scanpst. Well, one among the most reliable third party tool that helps in PST file repair without Scanpst is SFWare PST Repair Tool.

Now let us know why Scanpst.exe program is not an effective tool to fix damage/corrupt PST file:

On some occasions, if some irregularities take place in an Outlook application then Scanspt.exe automatically prompts with an error message asking permission to repair corrupt PST file or sometimes when you infer that your PST file is corrupted then you use Scanpst.exe to repair. When you run the Scanpst and start to browse the Outlook PST file then the Scanspst checks the file directory structure and file headers for corruptions and tries to repair the file. But it fails to fix the upper level objects like messages, attachments, calendar items, sub-folders, notes etc. This is because the low level structure does not have the information regarding the upper level ones. And one of the worse situation is that when Scanspt is not able to read the structure of the folder or item then it erases the entire folder with its sub-folders from the directory. Hence you end up with loss of files stored in it.

SFWare PST Repair Program is one of the stop solution on how to repair PST file without Scanpst. This software employs an efficient file repair technique, hence ensures high success in cases of repair. It scans the damaged Outlook PST file, repairs each and every file sector vice and copying the recovered files to a completely new document. This procedure lets you to repair and recover email folders, sub-folders, emails, attachments, subject, message body, mail header, contacts, calendar items, notes, tasks, journals with ease.

This tool even does not damage source PST file while repairing it. Moreover, this software is better and distinctive repairing tool when compared to others. It has an ability to repair PST file created on any version of MS Outlook application such as Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2000, etc. SFWare PST Repair Application has simple user interface by which you can utilize this app to repair PST file Scanpst not working without any confusions. If any sort of query aroused during fixing process, user can avail the benefit of 24×7 technical help.

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