Emptying Mac Trash on External Removable Drives

Your external hard drives, USB drives and other removable storage media eventually reaches its full capacity. When these drives are about to reach their size4 limit you would look forward to clear or move the unnecessary data saved on the drive. In the meanwhile, you might contain large set of pictures, video, documents etc. stored on the drive. And you opt to select specific items to be removed from the disk so that that there is enough space for new data. However, at times, even after that you erase files, you can see that drive shows no enough space.

Thereby, you might keep on deleting the files saved on the drive but you are unable to see drive space freeing up. Well, if you want to know what is causing this issue with the externally connected drive then here you go-

Your Macintosh doesn’t have a single Trash Can but for each drives that is connected to it. So, whenever you delete items from the external storage drive, it is directed to the Trash folder of that particular storage device. This Trash folder is presented by the Mac OS in the dock. However, the files in it is hidden and are located in the root directory of the drive (called .Trashes). You are unable to see this folder unless your Mac machine is set to view all the hidden folders in the system or plugged to a Window c omputer.

Now, if you must be thinking of how to delete items from the drive. Here are two different ways how to do it. Before that it is important that you think twice before choosing files to move to Trash folder. File items from the Trash can be restored instantly. But when you clear the Trash Can it, there is no other option available on Mac to restore them. Nonetheless, you have Sfware tools to get trash back on Mac. With simple program, installation you can restore all types of files in a best way.

#1. Connect the external drive to Macintosh. Right click on Trash available at the dock. Now click on Empty Trash option. This might take some time to clear files from the trash folder however, you find enough free space at the end. This option wipes all the files and folders from all the .trashes folder (for all the drives that are connected to the Mac.

#2. You also got alternate options to empty trash for a single drive connected to Mac. You can install an application like Curb and remove Trash data from a specific drive connected to the system. It will permanently remove all the files from the external drive.

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