Everything That Happened At Sony’s PlayStation Conference

PlayStation is one of the great consoles of future gaming. Over a period of many consoles sold, PS4 has no signs of slowing down. It is steamrolling its way into its third year of life. Therefore this PlayStation has become both critically and financially a major success for Sony. Third year of Sony might be one of the interesting one in future days. Some of the new rumours have suggested that Sony is planning new PS4 systems in the year of 2016 that is the PS4 Slim and PlatStation Neo. As it is completely sure what Sony plans on showing off, member of the press has been invited on September 7th to show off what it is calling as the future of PlayStation.

You can find few cosmetic changes to the design in PS4. Initially the two-tone finish of the original PS4 is gone and is replaced by a complete matte black finish. It is more disruptive that something has gone and Sony has replaced the touch-sensitive power and remove buttons with actual physical press-buttons. Sometimes it is preferable that being to register when they have been depressed. But it’s not needed where you didn’t find an issue with the original’s touchy-feely buttons before. Also these slightly wobbly and a hollow-sounding buttons is little cheaper. But it’s internal components that are seen the biggest changes. Check out this site to get additional details on what happened at Sony’s PlayStation Conference.

The definite motherboard is smaller and you can find a few memory chips arrayed around the AMD APU at the PS4’s heart. It doesn’t mean that there is any less GDDR5 memory in new CUH-1200 series consoles, now the Sony has used high density Samsung 8GB chips so that there is no need to use as many of the 4GB memory chips it used earlier. Sony is using a re-designed Blu-ray drive inside it. Drive spins down quickly and it will not seem to have the same aural note as the original device. Revision of PlayStation 4 has not been formally announced. But this didn’t stopped many people from buying,

Slim PlayStation 4 is in the wild which is being played on and sold at branches of CE. Whatsoever disreputable, highly unlawful means result to the complete exposure of the hardware before it has even been announced. Also it is clear that these consoles are intended to be sold very soon. Slim devices are not actually called the PlayStation Slim. Inferring that it will be the new base model which is been replace the original model. And the other change to the console is very minor. Spacing between its USB ports is dissimilar and there is no optical out port.

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