Fixing Outlook is Not Responding Error

At some point of time, you might come across problems with Outlook email where it stops responding. You could see your Outlook crashing or freezing whilst you open the mail or the data files. This indeed proves ridiculous when you are unable to access any data or important emails on your email profile. Moreover, it could be still difficult to determine what is wrong with your Outlook application that made it stop responding.

Common reasons for Outlook failure:

  • Incorrect Outlook updates
  • Outlook is open in another process or is loading some external content
  • Corruptions and conflicts with Outlook program
  • Virus and malware impact
  • Outlook mailbox turned too large
  • Trouble with MS Outlook add-ins

Despite these causes, damages occurred to MS Outlook can be repaired using certain troubleshoot techniques.

Troubleshooting not responding MS Outlook application

#1. Install Outlook updates

Problems could rise with your Outlook because it is not up-to-date. Therefore, you can install the Windows updates that are recommended/displayed as important. Configuring your Outlook to latest updates can make Outlook to work normally.

#2: Check for add-in issues

Your running Outlook application could be interfered by installed add-ins. So you can verify if any add-ins are creating issues in opening Outlook emails.

  • Go to Windows Start menu and type run
  • On the run window type as – exe /safe
  • If you see that the problem is resolved then, Click on File menu
  • Choose Add-ins option
  • Select COM Add-ins
  • Click on Go button
  • Uncheck or clear all the text boxes
  • Click on Ok button
  • Restart the MS Outlook program on your PC

#3. Run inbox repair tool (SCANPST)

You also got an in-built utility in Outlook known as scanpst.exe to get rid of Outlook errors. The scanpst tool works by scanning your Outlook profile and thereby attempts to fix the issues with it. This utility is available on all available MS Outlook versions. Run the inbox repair tool to repair corrupted Outlook data file.

#4. SFWare Program

Another instant way to resolve with corruption with Outlook PST files is SFWare PST Repair software. Run the program and simply specify the Outlook file location on your computer. The repair tools scans – repairs – and then produces a healthy version of your Outlook data file. You will get back your PST files in their original format without any modifications and damages.

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