Fixing PST File without Scanpst

“Hi, I have one Outlook PST file which has got corrupted because of some reason. With the help of Outlook in built repair tool Scanpst, I successfully repaired my PST file. But, the Scanpst tool has modified the content of my PST file. Now, I want to fix PST file without Scanpst by using any third party application that doesn’t alter the original content of PST file. Did such software exist?”

Whenever you come across with some issues with PST file of Outlook application, Scanpst.exe which is a built in method to repair damaged PST files automatically pops up with a permission message asking to fix broken PST file. This tool tries to repair corrupted/damaged PST file by examining its file header and its directory structure. However, Scanpst.exe does not appreciate fixing higher level objects of Outlook PST file such as emails, calendars, sub folders, attachments, notes, and many more when the corruption is severe. If Scanpst repairs PST file also, it will modify the content of PST file.

Now, you may wonder repair PST file when Scanpst fails! Don’t panic, when you find that Scanpst is failing to repair PST file, it means that it is an issue relating to severe corruption of PST file. So to solve this problem, you need any professional tool. And that Utility is none other than SFWare PST Repair that will help you out in repairing PST file without Scanpst just in couple of minutes. This Software is designed by using simple Graphical User Interface that helps even a novice to perform repair PST file process without Scanpst.

Why SFWare PST Repair Software?

One of the major advantages of this program is that, it repairs corrupt/damaged PST file without altering the content of your original Outlook PST file.

  • Ability to repair corrupt OST files.
  • It focuses on creating a new PST file to store the recovered items along with repairing corrupted PST files.
  • Password protected as well as highly encrypted PST files can be repaired when they got corrupted.
  • Repaired PST files can be saved on any accessible storage devices like CDs, DVDs, memory cards, hard drives etc.
  • This Application provide you complete details about repairing PST files without Scanpst on various versions of Windows Operating Systems say Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP and other.
  • Efficiently helps in fixing damaged PST files without Scanpst on different Outlook editions like 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000.

SFWare Repair PST Tool can help to fix PST Files in the following Scenarios:

  • When Outlook PST file got damaged because of harmful viruses or during antivirus scanning.
  • Using any third party inefficient tool to recover items like emails, calendars, journals etc from a PST file after deletion, you may end up with inaccessible or corrupted or damaged PST file.
  • Closing Microsoft Outlook application using inappropriate methods results in the corruption of PST files.
  • If the inbox limit crosses while storing PST files, then also PST files will be damaged.

All these issues can make your PST files inaccessible. If you want to convert these corrupted PST files as accessible once again without Scanpst, then you have to go with SFWare Repair PST Software. Well, if you want to avoid all these things, you need to follow some safety measures. And those measures are something like this.

  • Make a regular backup of important PST files so that you can access them during the time of their corruption.
  • Maintain PST file size as per Outlook’s version to prevent damage to prevent PST files from damage.
  • Use updated antivirus software on your Windows PC.
  • Don’t close Outlook application improperly.

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