Guidelines on How to Repair AVI Files

Interesting video files makes you to forget all the worries. You might have captured the video files when you have visited to any beautiful places with your friends or families.  Whenever you are free or when you want to free up your mind then you can open and watch such videos. Sometimes most of you get AVI files from your friends. But there are some common issues associated while copying the AVI files from the storage drive. You might not be able to play such AVI file after downloading. Whenever you try to play it, you get an error message saying that “file is broken, unable to work. Do you want to repair it?”. It might be because of the issue where AVI file have not completely copied from the drive.

The similar situation for AVI file corruption can be as follows: “One day I was downloading AVI file which is available in 5 parts through internet. In the beginning, the AVI file downloading process worked well but while downloading the 5th part it thrown an error message. Actually the last part of the AVI file was damaged. Now how can I repair AVI file?”

This sort of problem can be easily sorted out if you make use of a relevant third party application. SFWare Repair AVI File is the finest program that can be employed to carry out AVI file repair process in short span of time. Therefore whenever, you get and information that AVI file is corrupted and you need to fix AVI file then immediately opt for SFWare Repair AVI File Tool for complete fixing AVI files. Many of the users have got the benefit in getting their damaged AVI file repaired after using this application. It is possible to fix AI file on Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Win server, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc. Also you can employ this program for fixing AVI files from SD cards, XD cards, Hard disks, external hard drives with the help of repair file utility.

How AVI file gets corrupted?

Codec is the supporting program that is need to play AVI file. Different codec used to support various audio and video files. In order to play audio and video files in media player, it must have the corresponding codec with support its playing. Therefore in the same logic, AVI files also need supporting codec to be played. And if these codec gets damaged then AVI file becomes unplayable. AVI file also gets corrupted due to compression issue. AVI file must be compressed in a careful manner. Similar codec should be followed while compressing and also while retrieving the compressed file. If this compression method is not done properly then the AVI file might not play and instead it displays error messages. Along with the AVI files, you will be stored number of files in your system. During system halt state or deadlock state you are forced to shut down your PC. Therefore incase during system shut down if you are playing AVI file then this action can affect AVI file and cause corruption.

SFWare Repair AVI File Program can repair AVI files that is corrupted because of any corruption issues, This tool is smart and easy to use and if you have AVI files that has been damaged due to program crash, the screen freezes or if Windows stops working, you can use this utility to rebuild the index and fix the header so you can watch the AVI file. Just download this tool which is a good source free from viruses, spyware and other malicious software’s that is well good in repairing AVI file in few clicks.

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