“Hack the Pentagon” to Earn Some Money

A Department Of Defense (DOD) introduced a plan labeled as “hack a pentagon” which confronts the explored hackers to mangle into few open websites of the US defense department as an approach to examine the confidentiality of those sites. US government provided a part of commander program known as “cyber bug bounty”. Several companies provided financial rewards and other benefits for the hackers who identified the bugs and defects that might expose users to danger.

In accordance with DOD, the government’s bug bounty command will be at initial place in the sequence of programs, which is proposed to find the flaws in DOD’s applications, network and websites. Cyber attacks have been a flourishing problem for US recently, along with pentagon. Since, geeks use more complex techniques so that US must discover a creative approach to overcome cyber security flaws and prevent important information from descending into hands of terrorists, brute nations and other antipathetic parties. As per the recent news Cyber threat round the Whats App application now and researchers are taking necessary precautions to safeguard the Whats App users.  As it is the matter of 900 Million users data security.

On August 2015, Russian Geeks were pointed to be a cause for cyber-attack in contrast with pentagon that unclassified the email system offline, which affected nearly 4000 army troops. On June 2015 a cyber attack introduced in contrast to the US government’s crew office consists of the information of about 4 million current and previous sovereign employees. A part of conflict vilified on Chinese hackers obtained access to very subtle documents used to verify sovereign employees security approval.

The command program is not public to anyone. Hackers and researchers must register and submit to credentials check. The module itself will be assigned to a certain websites. Networks that are included in mission critical systems are prohibited and the contestants will be offered with rewards along with approval of their achievement. The challenge is compatible with white house’s cyber national action plan. This plan will afford more than $19 billion into cyber security in order to protect the government, private zone and American folks from cyber crime.

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