How to Fix Corrupted MP4 VLC File

According to Wikipedia, VLC media player is a portable, free and open source, cross-platform media player by Video-LAN project. VLC player supports many audio and video compression methods and file formats including MP 4, MOV, DVD, Video CD and streaming protocols.

VLC is a packet-based media player which plays almost all video content. It can also play High definition videos. But sometimes, due to improper functioning of VLC player media files played on that may exposed to damage or broken. This situation turns you to face the scenario like mentioned below.

“Hello everyone, last night I was watching my favorite movie on VLC media player. Suddenly VLC player stopped working. After some time, I tried to play the MP 4 movie again on the VLC player. But it was a shock seeing my movie not getting played by VLC player. It was a heart breaking situation. I want my MP4 movie back. Can anyone suggest me the best way to fix MP 4 in VLC?”

If your circumstance is meeting with the above mentioned scenario, then you need not to be ceased and think! You have to engage yourself in searching the best means to repair MP 4 file VLC problem and your search must finish with the possession of SFWare Repair MOV File Software.

SFWare Repair MOV File tool is a brand new initiative intend at beating the menace of damage to MP 4 files. It helps you to fix MP 4 in VLC with ease. The software has got solid in-built algorithms that carry out the repairing process in read only mode and the outcome of this will be the files of original quality. It also mends MOV and MP 4 files recorded through Mobiles and cameras. The software even works for all the devices connected externally to the Windows systems. Adding to this, it is also a user friendly and provides demo version to calculate its achieved level of repair process before purchasing it.

Additional Favorable Features of SFWare Repair MOV File:

  • Repair MOV and MP 4 files which refuse to play in QuickTime player.
  • Ability to mend those video files corrupted due to faulty cameras firmware.
  • Huge sized MP 4 and MOV corrupted files can also be fixed.
  • Allows you to store repaired MP 4 files on any desired location.
  • Capable to mend MP 4 files present on memory cards, hard drives, USB drives etc.

Reasons for MP 4 File Corruption on VLC:

  • Modifying MP 4 files using any third party applications which are not secure, then there are some chances of damage to MP 4 file.
  • Due to codex and index issues of faulty player, MP 4 files may get corrupted when trying to play them on faulty player.
  • Interruptions while downloading and incorrect method of downloading MP 4 file also damage the file.
  • Bad sectors, system crash, sudden power surge, improper transferring can also corrupt MP 4 files.

Key Tips to be kept in mind:

  • Do not turn off the system while working with important files.
  • Use good and strong antivirus software.
  • Stop using unauthorized tools for editing the files.
  • Follow proper way to transfer and download the files from internet.

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