How to Restore Files from Pen Drive

It is indeed easy to transfer or carry data with USB pen drives. These portable storage devices come with various size and is in wide use. A pen drive can hold different types of files as songs, documents, video, pictures etc. Along time, one might come across situations where the files stored in the removable drive go missing or deleted.

It could be a hard time for users who get to lose their valuable files or data. Some common reasons for pen drive media to get erased or lost include-

  • Accidental deletion
  • Cleared Recycle Bin or Trash
  • Malware and Virus attacks
  • Interrupted file transfer with the USB drive
  • Improper ejected pen drive
  • The USB drive file system corruption
  • Unintended format operation
  • Other software errors

Damages occurred to the files saved in the removable drive make them inaccessible. At times, only single file on the storage drive is affected. However, at other hand the entire drive data may disappear or get deleted.

Well. If you know, it is possible to restore the files that are lost or wiped from your USB drive. When a file is been erased from location you may not find it anywhere on your computer. But, internally, the file remains intact in the same location until any new data is written to it. The deleted file is overwritten as you use the system after deletion. Therefore, as long as the deleted file is not overwritten, the files can be recovered.

In order to recover deleted media files you need smart programs as Sfware tools. With a single installation, you will be able to retrieve any type of lost or delete files. The software is available for both Windows and Mac OS X (supporting all latest OS versions). The Sfware tool works by scanning the sectors of the storage drive. Devices like external HDD, SSD, memory sticks, flash drives, SD, MMC, CF’s etc can take advantage of this tool.

  • Download the program and run it
  • Choose either of Deleted Photo Recovery or Lost Photo Recovery options
  • Mark the pen drive storage to recover files
  • Select file types to be retrieved
  • Continue to preview and save restored media files

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