Microsoft Word 2013 File Repair

“I have MS Word 2013 on my Windows computer using which I do all my documentation work. Some days back, when I was working on a Word document, the system got terminated abruptly due to power surge. After this incident, the Word application is not opening the word 2013 file that I was working on. I tried to open this file on other system as well, but nothing worked. Is there a solution to fix this Word 2013 document? Kindly provide some good suggestions.”

Microsoft Word is one of the most frequently used applications for creating word files, documentations, reports and so on by organizations, business sectors, etc. Since, these Word files are very simple in nature, Word files are easy to create, access and store important information. With the up gradation of technologies, MS Word application is also upgraded with advanced technologies. Word 2013 is one of the recent versions with many interesting features. Despite of its benefits, sometimes you will be unable to open Word file 2013 on Windows system which is clear indication of corruption.

What are the reasons for Word File 2013 corruption?

  • Virus attacks have become one of the most prominent threats for Word file 2013 corruption. Usually, these viruses enter into system and corrupt Word file through infected devices, computer virus, unsecured data, and many more.
  • When creating Word 2013 file on your Windows system, if any sort of interruptions takes place, then the created file might not get opened and you may encounter with an error message.
  • If there are any bad sectors on storage media like hard drive where Word file 2013 is saved, then it lead to word file damage.
  • Sometimes, due to application malfunctioning Word file 2013 might get damaged on Windows computer and becomes inaccessible.
  • While working on Word file 2013, if your Windows computer gets abruptly shut down, then there are possibilities for Word 2013 file corruption.
  • CRC error, macro viruses, software clashes, hardware conflicts, sudden power failure, inappropriate termination of MS Word and so on are other accountable reasons for Word 2013 file damage.

If Microsoft Word 2013 file is corrupted and hence application fails to launch that document, then you can make use of inbuilt ‘Open and Repair’ option to fix that file. To do this, first you need to open Word 2013 application, and then click on open and in ‘Open’ window select the file that you want to repair. Next, click on drop down box beside option button to the end of the window and choose ‘Open and Repair’ option. This will fix the document and makes it error free. If the Word document 2013 is severely corrupted, then this option may not completely fix the issue. To resolve all such issues of Word 20103 documents, it is advised to prefer any brilliant Word file repair utility.

Repairing Word 2013 file using SFWare Repair Word Document Application

SFWare Repair Word Document Program is a powerful tool which has been built with advanced algorithms to perform corrupt MS Word 2013 document repair in an efficient manner. It provides fast, easy and secure process on how to repair Word 2013 in short span of time. This tool has ability to fix both DOC and DOCX files.

Other features are….

  • This utility has simple graphical user interface (GUI) which helps even novice users to perform repair task in few easy steps.
  • You can even fix large and encrypted Word files.
  • Allows you to fix Word files stored on different storage devices like hard drive, USB flash drives, memory stick, Pen drive, etc.
  • Recovers text, charts, OLE objects, hyperlinks, tables, etc.
  • compatible with all popular versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.
  • Using this software, you can even repair Word files created on different version of MS Word such as Word 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.
  • Facilitates you to preview repaired Word document prior to restoration.

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