Repair Microsoft Word 2010 File

“I remember that after finishing my work with word 2010 file, I terminated the application in an incorrect method without making use of Exit option. When I tried to open the Word file next time, I promoted with an error message that “cannot open Microsoft Word 2010 file”. I tried with all possible methods and I failed to open it.”

What will be your immediate action during the situation mentioned above..?What do you do if your Word 2010 file has been corrupted and no longer to open…? What if you are not having any backups that you are supposed to maintain or perhaps the backups also got corrupted…? This useful article will guide what to do actually during such irksome moments.

As we all know that using an appropriate and correct method to close Microsoft Word application will never makes you to suffer from word file corruption or damage. For that purpose, Microsoft has provided “Exit “option on the file menu for secure closing. Even though there are several other ways to terminate MS Word 2010 such as closing through Alt+F4 shortcut keys, clicking on close window button(x) on the extreme right of the menu bar etc., these methods may corrupt the header of your word 2010 file and you are forced to encounter with an error message like Word file is corrupted.

Before relieving yourself from your important Word 2010 file contents, just check out with “Open and Repair” method that solves your Microsoft Word 2010 corrupt file repair issue manually. If there is any severe damage on word 2010 file, then it does not make any sense. Then, you need to go ahead and ponder about solid software like SFWare Repair Word Document. It is one of the extreme Microsoft Word 2010 corrupt file repair tools, specially known to fix Word documents. The software is always been so meticulous in scanning and eliminating the errors – thereby repairing Microsoft Word 2010 document swiftly.

In addition to this, SFWare Repair Word Document utility facilitates to view the fixed files using “Preview” option so that you can easily predict the capacity level of the Software. It will fix damaged DOC as well as DOCX files created on various versions of MS Word like 2000, 2002, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Also supports for all latest Windows operating systems.

Noteworthy Reasons for Word 2010 file corruption:

  • Severe Virus attacks on Word 2010 files lead to corruption activity.
  • Power surge when accessing with word 2010 file may corrupt Word file resulting in unhealthy file that rejects to open.
  • Abruptly switching on and off the computer may also damage the Microsoft Word 2010 file when it is open.
  • Hard drive containing BAD sectors will put Word file to corrupt on saving the file on it.
  • While transferring Word file into any external storage, connecting and disconnecting the device in an incorrect manner also leads to Word file damage.

Procedure to fix Microsoft Word 2010 file:

  • First download SFWare Repair Word Document and then launch it on Windows system and start running.
  • Once you run the application, a Window that asks you to opt corrupted Word file will appear.
  • As soon as you chose the damaged file, click on “Repair” to begin with the repair process.
  • You can able to see the whole repair process and on completion of the process, a window indicating successful repair will appear on the screen.
  • Have a preview of repaired files and save them on your desired location.

Some Useful Tips:

  • Always terminate Microsoft Word 2010 properly.
  • Make habit of using good antivirus software on your Windows PC to avoid dreadful viruses.

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