New Tech For Data Backup

If you are lacking knowledge for backing up your computer data then in this article you will find different ways to secure your data. A person may lose their vital data in following cases: hard disk crash, corruption of hard disk, accidental deletion. If so, then it might make your data go permanently. A recovery expert can retrieve those files but it will be little expensive.

You can get rid of this situation by maintaining a proper backup of your data. Yes of course that is not too easy but it is not expensive.  So, here are some backup options for you to safe your data:

Backup using hard drive

The first thing which strikes our mind when we talk about backup is the need for external hard drive that can be used as desire. When you are having some memorable moments stored on your system then external hard drive can be an excellent choice for your backup. This type of backup is particular about specific folder or files like your home directory. In case your computer gets crashed then just by plugging your portable hard disk on a different computer you can have access on all your files.

Many external hard disks have their own backups. Mac users can use Time Machine, which will keep on updating the changes.  One benefit of backup of data on external hard drive is that you need not pay any monthly or annual charges and you can have immediate access on your files.

Creating a Backup on Windows:

  1. After plugging in the portable hard drive in to system, Window will prompt up with one message asking whether you want to use it for backup. If you answer No then you can search for Backup and Restore.
  2. A Dialogue box will appear on the screen press Set up Backup Thereafter select the external hard drive and click on Next button. Here you can uses the default settings or you can customize settings.
  3. Once you are done with the above mentioned process, just you need to press Save Settings and Run Backup. After this step you will have a backup of your data. It is advised to not turn off your computer during this procedure.

For Mac user’s data backup process is same as Windows users. If you want to backup your data when you first plugin your hard drive then you can go to System Preferences> Time Machine

Cloud Backups

Keeping a backup on portable hard drives is a good approach but still it risks your precious data. Risks associated with the hard drive backup are it can get stolen, can get burnt due to fire or can be lost due to disasters. One more method to safeguard you data in more effective way i.e. cloud backups. It is an effective way as data is stored somewhere else. For backing up your data using Cloud technologies you only need to create an account, Download the tool, run it once to fill all your account details and set any preferences that you desire later. After following these steps the software will automatically keep your data as backup as frequently keep on updating it.

Here are some cloud based backup technologies:

Google Drive

Google drive is an effective way to backup your data as using this you can create a backup of you data offsite. Google Drive provides user with 15 GB storage space to backup your important data later you can access those data by just signing up your Google account .You can add this feature in to computer and just by simple drag and drop you can backup your data.


Dropbox is also a type of cloud based backup. You only need to install a Dropbox folder on your system to backup your data. It provides its user with 2 GB free storage space.

Both cloud based backup option allows to backup both kind of data business as well as personal.

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