Program for Damaged Hard Drive Data Recovery

Every new computer you bring in to your home or office consists of one component called hard drive. Computers make use of this hard drive for booting the operating system and saving files. Hence, hard drive is considered to be the most vital part of the computers. Today, many popular brands of hard drive are easily available with different data capacity range. You may find hard disk of data capacity ranging from 3 GB to 30 TB which supports a huge amount of data storage. It is the MBR sector of the hard disk that helps in booting every time you start a computer.

Even though your computer hard disk provides high durability, sometimes it is not a reliable source for storing data as it is highly prone to damage. This hard drive damage can cause huge amount of data loss. At such times, don’t be worried!!! SFWare Partition Recovery Software is here for your help to retrieve data from damaged hard drive. This application can recover data from a damaged hard drive safely without demanding more human effort.

Reasons that cause damage to hard drive:

Hard drive crash: This is always an outcome of bad sectors on hard drives. These bad sectors are formed when there is a scratch on the hard disk, either caused by the spinning head or any other event. If such bad sectors are ignored, in the later stage you may face hard drive damage and end up losing large amount of data.

File system conversion:  In the present days, hard drives support more than one file system. At certain times, circumstances may arise where you may have to change the existing file system to another. In such situations, you might end up corrupting the existing file system which will eventually damage the hard drive and leads to loss of your valuable files.

Other reasons:  Damage to your computer hard drive can also happen in cases of severe virus attack, abnormal termination of computer due to power surge, header corruption and so on.

You can always make use of SFWare Partition Recovery Wizard, regardless of the event that caused data loss due to hard drive damage.

What are the things need to be followed to restore data from a damaged hard drive?

In order to recover data from a damaged hard drive, it is always suggested that one should stop the use of hard drive, so that data overwriting can be avoided. It is also recommended that not to waste more time, instead go for the recovery of data from a damaged hard drive using a reliable hard drive recovery tool such as SFWare Partition Recovery.

Why SFWare Partition Recovery to restore data from damaged hard drive?

  • SFWare Partition Recovery helps you to recover data from damaged, dead, inaccessible and corrupt hard drive.
  • Well matched to restore data from damaged or corrupt hard drives having IDE, ATA , SCSI, SATA interfaces.
  • It has easy to operate and simple GUI, which makes recovery process easy even for a non technical person.
  • Tool works on read only program due to which chances of data modification / alterations gets eliminated.
  • Recovers lost data from hard drive consisting of popular file systems such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5 & exFAT.
  • It also offers you 24/7 technical assistance in case of major / minor queries related to software or recovery process.
  • This is well suited for all the latest versions of Windows OS like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows server 2003 and 2008, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
  • It has the capability to restore data from damaged hard drive and provide its preview before saving.
  • It is also equipped with option like “Save Recovery Session” which enables to save the current scanned session and ‘’Find” option to locate recovered files based on their name, type, date and size.

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