Repair AVI File showing Error

AVI file is one of the most popularly known video file format used all over the world. Downloaded movies from internet come with .avi file extension. In AVI file, both audio and video frames work simultaneously which forms its basic feature. But unluckily, sometimes AVI file will be exposed for corruption activities that results in severe damage of these files because of various reasons like improper download, virus attack etc.

One of the common error seen during AVI file corruption is AVI file error message. Such error message makes the AVI file inaccessible or unplayable when you try to run the file on any supporting media players. At this moment, you may be frightened at your important video file throwing error! No need of this as you can easily fix AVI file error now by using a suitable AVI file repairing tool which is specially designed to tackle and to deal with corrupt and error showing AVI files.

Make use of SFWare Repair AVI File tool to repair AVI file error by saving your precious time. It consists of the most strong and robust built in programs that will fix AVI file error with an ease. It has also got a wonderful Graphical Interface to assist even novice persons in handling and using the software. The software is also a Budget friendly that allows you to buy its paid version without spending more money. It also support error repair for XVID and DIVX files in small amount of time. Some of its additional features are as follows.

  • Potential to fix corrupt or damaged or broken AVI, XVID and DIVX files that has stopped playing on any media players .
  • Smartly fix audio and video streams separately and then joins them to form a fine and healthy AVI file.
  • Ability to repair damage AVI files present on external storage devices like external hard drive, USB drive, memory card and many more.
  • Mended files can be run on both Windows operating systems and Mac operating system’s supporting devices like memory cards, hard drives etc.
  • Serves the repair process with a demo version to estimate the level of repair before going to buy.

Scenarios lead to AVI file error message:

The following mentioned causes are the crucial factors resulting AVI file to throw error message during its access.

  • Infection of Virus: The header part of the AVI file may get damage due to virus attack on the system where file is present and tend to throw error message.
  • Incorrect Downloading: some interruptions like system shut down, power failure, battery problems on phones and laptops while downloading AVI files from the internet, leads to error message.
  • Incompatibility problem: If you try to open or access the file using the media player which is not supported by AVI file, then AVI file gets corrupt and give error messages.
  • Improper Editing: Editing of AVI video files using any unauthorized software also lead to error messages by damaging the file.

Some other reasons like BAD sector, codec issue, power surge etc, are also responsible for AVI file corruption.

Simple Steps to Fix AVI File Error:

  • Download demo version of SFWare Repair AVI File software.
  • After installing the software, select the AVI file to be repaired.
  • Scanning and repairing process starts.
  • Have a look on fixed files using “Preview” option.
  • Purchase the paid version and save the repaired files wherever you want.

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