Retrieval of Windows 7 Data from Dynamic Disk

“Hey guys, do you have any idea on how to recover data from Dynamic Disk Windows 7? The thing is, last night I was trying to convert dynamic disk to basic disk where I lost my important files present on it. I need those files back since it is very much essential to me.”

Solution is very simple!! SFWare Deleted File Recovery Software can be used to retrieve most important data from Windows 7 dynamic disk in very simple steps. It designed specially for reviving data from Windows 7 Dynamic Disk easily in a short interval of time. It is one among the highly preferred software by most of the experts as it can be implied on different Windows OS versions like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 (including Windows  Server 2008 and 2003).

Some other benefits of SFWare Deleted File Recovery program:

  1. It has easy to use interface because of the simpler steps so any user can perform the recovery procedure
  2. Included with Save Recovery Session option to save the recovery procedure at any point of time
  3. Hard drive interfaces such as SCSI, SATA, IDE and ATA are compatible with this utility
  4. FAT16,FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and EXFAT file systems are supported by this tool

Then don’t you think proceed to use this tool and recover data from Dynamic Disk?? Well, before that let us see the reason that cause data loss in Dynamic Disk.

Basic data loss we come across in Dynamic Disk:

  1. You have accidentally emptied the Recycle Bin Folder without proper checkup
  2. Improper use of Cut Paste option
  3. Malicious virus attack on Dynamic Disk resulted in deletion of valuable data
  4. Abrupt removal of external storage media when files are being shared

All these above said causes make you to lose files and folders stored in your disk but data is not deleted permanently. Only the reference allocated to file will be removed from system. So now you can use this recovery software to get back the data.

Using SFWare Deleted File Recovery, See all your Data Back!!

The recovery procedure goes like this, initially download, install and launch demo version of SFWare Deleted File Recovery Software.  Choose “Recover Files” in first screen and then select the appropriate scan option to recover data from Dynamic Disk on Windows 7. Now select the Dynamic Disk from where you want to recover data on Windows 7. To continue, click on’ Next ‘option, software starts to scan, wait until the scanning completes. Soon after the completion of process view the list of recovered files using ‘Preview’ option. If you are satisfied with software, buy licensed version of it.

Some precautionary measure to keep in mind

  1. Keep back up of all data
  2. Use good Antivirus Software
  3. Stop using the same disk after data loss and do not perform any further operations on it

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