Siri! Simplified

Think of how your world would be if you have someone who helps you to make best use of your time by providing secretarial support just on your single voice request? Surprisingly, Apple has introduced one sensational personal voice assistant called Siri on your iPad device.

Siri has been built using voice controlled natural language interface that helps iPad users in performing personal tasks like event scheduling, remainder settings, bookings on your favorite restaurants, and even for counting down a timer. Actually, Siri can even response to your voice by accepting voice dictation instead of typing on the keyboard.

Let’s move ahead and explore more about Siri…

If you want to operate Siri on your iPad device, just keep pressing the home button of your iPad for few seconds. Then, you will receive one beep sound and the screen will be promoted to Siri interface. To begin with Siri, just ask her a question or anything you want to share with Siri. To conclude Siri is actively working or not, you can just move down to Siri’s interface where you can see multicolored lines indicating Siri’s listening.

You can turn on Siri whenever you want it. If you are not in a need of Siri, you can even mute it by modifying the settings on iPad. To do this, you are supposed to choose general iPad settings from the left hand side menu and the click on Siri. Further, you can use the settings option to turn on ”Hey Siri” option using which you address Siri by telling “Hey Siri” instead of pressing on home button. You can play with Siri by switching Siri’s voice from male to female and vice versa.

You can examine Siri by asking whatever you want. It might be some questions relating to finding locations or some of the funny scraps. And no doubt Siri can answer all the stuffs questioned by you. Here are some basic things what Siri can do on your iPad.

By just questioning like ‘Which is the nearby pizza corner’ or ‘Which are today’s movies’ , you can easily find your dearly restaurants and events. Siri can even help you setting remainder on some daily routines or some important dates. For example, say ‘Remind me to have coffee at 9 AM’.

Further, if you just say a word like ‘weather’, Siri can update you with the current weather conditions. Besides this, Siri can also update your Facebook and Twitter statuses, search anything from web, make calls, open applications, play music of particular ages like music of 70’s, 90’s , etc.

Siri’s voice dictation is not just limited to words, but also Siri is capable of accepting commands say ‘start with a new line’ or ‘go to next paragraph’ etc. You can also insert commas, full stops by pronouncing as ‘comma’ and ‘full stop’ respectively.

It is mandatory to get the connection of internet when you are working with Siri. Because, when we move further and talk about the working of Siri, Siri sends your voice to Apple’s server to analyze the words. Once understood with the words, it converts the words into actions.

Siri can learn your accent for the better understanding of the words you say the next time when you use its service. We can say that Siri is just amazing! The more and more you use Siri as your assistant, the better you recognize how great it is and what else it can do for you.

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